About Bob de Graaf

From ideas to successful concepts and development. I am a conceptual thinker and creative consultant. But what does it really mean? Throughout my career as a marketer and online strategist I have developed a great passion for digital and online marketing and communication. This means I’m constantly working at the forefront of the latest trends in the marketing world. With a head full of creative ideas, always looking for the right solution, I offer my clients and business partners unique creative concepts for (online) campaigns, websites and web apps, and I share my knowledge through training and inspiration sessions.


With the help of a team of young creatives I develop the best ideas into successful marketing concepts and products. Sometimes all I have to do is introduce the right people to each other. But usually I will get involved in the creative process and offer a full-service solution. I take the perspective of your target customers and come up with creative concepts to engage your audience.

What kind of output do you deliver?

I like to use examples to explain this, because I help my clients with a lot of different marketing and communication questions. Long story short: Bob Was Here can help you with four things:

Creative Concepts

Your question might be very broad or very specific. For example: we have a fair coming up and are not sure how to engage our target audience. I will come up with several ideas and angles and present them to you, after which we will work together to develop a successful marketing and communication concept. From original campaigns or a fun promotion to a challenging (online) game – as long as it gets your target audience excited and helps you achieve your goals.

Online Marketing & Campaigns

Or I’ll get asked to do an online campaign. This might involve a single part of an existing campaign, such as a landing page, or an entire concept where I work with the client to select the right approach, develop a campaign strategy and then draw up and implement the right design.


Aside from that I often develop websites, from a simple website that needs to launch quickly to extensive, complex sites where I help come up with the right online strategy (or rather a plan that will help you achieve your online goals).

Training courses, Workshops and Inspiration sessions

Finally I also really enjoy sharing my knowledge through training sessions, workshops and inspiration sessions.

Want to know more? Come have a coffee

I am always happy to meet new people, as long as it will add value for both of us. Whether you are a potential client or a competitor, I’ll get you the best coffee in town! Because the way I see it, competitors are potential colleagues and clients are partners.

So go ahead and click here or here for that coffee! 😀 or here.